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Personal Licence Holders Course

 Personal License Holders Course 

About the licence

According to gov.uk a "personal licence is designed to ensure that anybody running or managing a business that sells or supplies alcohol will do so in a professional fashion. Once you receive your personal licence, you can act as the designated premises supervisor for any business that sells or supplies alcohol".


Who can apply

  • You you must be aged 18 years or over.
  • Hold a licensing qualification -  such as Level 2 Personal Licence Holders qualification. The aim of the qualification is to ensure that licence holders are aware of licensing law and the wider social responsibilities involved in the sale of alcohol. 
  • Your local council will want to know of any relevant criminal convictions, and these may impact on whether or not you’re found to be suitable as a licensee. You will also need to provide a basic criminal conviction disclosure form.

What is name of the qualification? 
HABC Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders

Who needs this Personal Licence Holders Course qualification?

This qualification has been designed to enable anyone responsible for the sale of alcohol to the public to be a Personal Licence Holder. 

Why is this Personal Licence Holders Course important?

In accordance with The Licensing Act 2003 (England and Wales), anyone who is responsible for the sale of alcohol to the public must be a Personal Licence Holder. The following personal licence holders course covers the following learning outcomes.  

Learning outcomes
  • Understand the nature, purpose and period of validity of a Personal Licence
  • Understand the application process and legal duties when applying for a Personal Licence
  • Understand the legal duties of a Personal Licence Holder
  • Understand the roles, responsibilities and functions of licensing authorities
  • Understand the law in relation to premises licences

Duration: 1 day programme
Assessment Multiple choice exam

Useful Links
Personal Licence application form
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